McNight French Software Developer


Software Developer *trying* to make cool stuff


Whether it is for PCs, embedded systems or mobile devices, I'm naturally going to use those languages (C/C++ are my favorites).

For Fun

Programming is my passion, so here are some cool/fun languages I use to play with (programming Drones, playing with my Raspberry Pi or Arduino).


Even though being not a web developer, I nevertheless have some basic notions on client side and server side web languages.


Mainly developing on Apple platforms, I also know how to develop on Android and have some useful knowledge on various Linux platforms.



Editors and tools depend on preferences and targeted platforms, however I really like Xcode for iOS, Vim for everything and IntelliJ editors for Java and Python.


terminal hopper charles

I love to modify/hack stuff and understand how things work whether it is by using Terminal, looking at assembly using Hopper or listening to the network using Charles.

Featured Projects


NowListening, Cydia Package

  • Banner notifications on song change
  • Supports all apps (Music, Spotify...)
  • Gestures for skip song and pause/resume
  • Supports quick sharing on Twitter

An iOS Cydia tweak displaying notifications banners on every song change. Quite useful when you're listening to an unknown playlist and want to know what is currently playing without having to open Control Center.
Big success : ~400000 downloads and dozens of reviews on Youtube.

Cydia Description Youtube Review Videos

Notificator, Cydia Package

  • System wide notifications events
  • Big variety of notifications
  • Improves iOS experience

Another tweak that allowed you to receive a notification whenever a specific background event happened while using your phone like an app just installed, or you joined a 4G zone. It also improved existing events that used to be modal alerts by non interruptive banners. One of my first paid projects.

Cydia Description Youtube Review

Bulletin, iOS app

  • Manage your school grades easily
  • Quickly calculate your current average

A cool iOS app allowing you to quickly calculate your school grades average depending on how many grades you already got & the coefficients of thoses grades. Another mode : the Bulletin mode allowing you to fill all your subjects and its assessments and you can see how well you're doing depending on how much grades you already entered.

Currently not available, considering an update...


  • Some Open Source contributions (VLC iOS)
  • School projects:
    • C++ model gaming framework
    • Cross-platform communication framework
  • Siri hack for Pages Jaunes support
  • ChronoDiderot
  • Paris Transit
PagesJaunes Siri Paris Transit
Top Secret

Still building cool things

  • A huge sports project
  • Innovative health apps
  • New kind of dating app
  • and more...

I'm teasing a bit and I know it's unfair but I have really awesome projects coming soon, involving various domains such as sports or health and using cutting edge technologies. Keep an eye on my blog and my Twitter for informations.

Coming soon...